Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Glamorous Wedding Makeup

Glamorous makeup begins with the perfect canvas. You want to achieve a flawless face before applying the color cosmetics. A glamor girl look is not intended to be very natural or understated, and the foundation used is typically a bit more full coverage with a slightly matte finish. Begin with a foundation primer to smooth out the surface of your skin, which gives a flawless look and helps makeup to last all day. Then use a foundation based on your skin type, such as a moisturizing formula for dry skin or an oil-free foundation for oily skin. Professional makeup artists often like to apply foundation using a wedge sponge or a brush, so you may wish to practice doing it that way if you plan to do your own wedding makeup at home. Dust on loose powder or used pressed powder to set the foundation.

Then it is on to the color. Since eyes and lips tend to make a statement in the glamorous look, keep cheek color light and subtle. Cream blush tends to have better staying power than powder; choose a sheer shade in a soft pink that matches the color of your natural flush. Dramatic eyes are always a part of glamorous makeup, although for the bride the smoky eye should be applied more delicately than you might for another occasion. You don't want to end up with "raccoon eyes" in the wedding photos, after all. A good way to create a softer smoky eye is to use colors like plum or espresso rather than pure black or gray. Three shades of eyeshadow are used: a medium tone on the eyelid, a deep color in the crease, and a light highlighting color along the brow bone under the eyebrows. Opt for satin or matte formulas for the deeper two colors; a shimmery eyeshadow would be okay for the highlight color.

After the eyeshadow is done, it is time to finish off the dramatic eyes part of the glam bride beauty routine. Use a dark eyeliner along the lashline. If you want to go for maximum impact, choose a liquid liner or use a smudgy pencil for a more blended effect. Brides whose eyes are on the small side may find that it is best to use eyeliner only along the outer edges of the lashline; sometimes applying liner all the way in towards the corners can make the eyes appear more closed. Several coats of waterproof mascara will finish off your gorgeous eyes. For even more drama, apply false eyelashes; use the individual clusters rather than the full strips which can be too obviously fake.

The last step in achieving an ultra glamorous bridal look is lipstick. Classic red is the obvious choice, although for a summer wedding, you could opt for more of a medium coral shade. If you have color like pink or purple in your custom bridal jewelry, you could pull that shade into your lipstick hue (without matching it exactly, of course). Prep your lips before applying lipstick by sloughing off any dry skin, then apply a lip liner in the exact color of your lipstick. The key to lip liner is lining the entire lip, not just making a line around the outside border. This will help your lipstick to last, and you will avoid the ring around the lip look people sometimes get with lip liner. Apply a moisturizing lipstick, blot, and you will be ready to dazzle your groom!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wedding Makeup Tips And Trends

Brides fret about everything - wanting each and every detail to be perfect, and make up is no exception. If you're not sure what look to go for on the big day, then why not take some ideas of the trends that are hot for the upcoming weddings in 2013.

One of the biggest trends in 2013 is the nude look - making it look like you're not wearing any make up, but at the same time you look flawless. This no makeup-makeup look focuses on making skin look flawless as if it were entirely au natural. The trick is to highlight your best facial features with a bit of light contouring. The palette used consists of warm and natural tones, and it does actually use quite a bit of glamor makeup on the face, but the blend of it makes the skin completely nude. This is a great look for modern brides with great skin and good bone structure.

If you're not comfortable to go all-naked, then you can take the new classy look of focusing on one feature only. Gone are the days of strong eyes, lips and well-contoured cheeks of the 80s, now the new in is taking your best feature and making the most of it. So if you have beautiful lips then highlight them and minimize the rest. Beautiful eyes? Show them off, but keep the rest of the face toned down with nude or pale pink lips and barely there blush. This is an elegant and understated look, and guaranteed to be popular with brides in 2013. This is great for brides who like makeup but are looking for a contemporary look that will get them noticed.

For those lovely ladies in white who want something a little bolder, then the smoky eye look is hot right now. The great thing about smoky eyes is that the possibilities are endless and there are so many unique looks you can create. No need for the heavy, gothic blacks and grays, 2013 is all about color. For a modern approach for smoky eyes then opt for the more unconventional greens, purples or even blue. You can get smoky eyes with a colorful palette rather than going for the darker shades such as black. This is a wonderful look for brides who are full of confidence and want to make a strong statement.

For more fashion tips visit talk and time blog.

2013 offers a wide variety of looks from the understated nudes, to the smoky eyed divas, meaning that each bride can find their perfect palette.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to plan your wedding ‒ together

Weddings are often seen as a female preserve. The bride usually makes all the plans herself, with help from her female relatives and friends. Sometimes all the groom has to do is turn up on the day, suited and booted. While some grooms might be happy with this arrangement, others aren't and would love the chance to get involved. After all, it's a celebration for both of you, so it makes sense for it to reflect both of your dreams and personalities. Here are five ways to enjoy joint wedding planning and wedding bridal makeup.

Ask him what he wants

You may well have been busy picking out your dress and dreaming of Prince Charming since the age of five. He probably hasn't given it a second thought since you were first contacting each other on dating sites, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have ideas. Ask him what kind of wedding he might want. Is there anything in particular that would make it really special for him? There are as many kinds of weddings as there are people, so you can find a way to incorporate just about anything.


Not all men are comfortable being the only man working with a group of women. Why not keep him involved by giving him a particular area to organise? This works particularly well if he has a particular interest in one area, such as music or food.

Go for a balanced wedding party

It's not uncommon to see a wedding where the top table is dominated by bridesmaids and flower girls, with the groom just having a best man. That may just be the way things work out for you, but it's good to try to keep things as balanced as possible if you can.

Remember the fun stuff

Wedding planning is stressful – there's no getting around it. That can put a strain on your relationship and make it hard to include your man in the planning. Try to remember why you're doing this: so you can spend the rest of your (hopefully very happy) lives together. If one aspect of planning is getting too much, then concentrate on something fun for a while, such as the honeymoon.

Learn to compromise

It should really go without saying, but you need to be prepared for a bit of give and take. If your idea of the perfect wedding is a church followed by a stately home reception, and his is a beach and a barbecue, then that might be difficult. But keep an open mind and you should be able to at least try.

Planning a wedding should be done together. You may have met dating in Sheffield after being matched for compatibility or you may have met in a Spanish class and discovered a shared passion for all things Iberian. However perfectly matched you are, you may still have different ideas about your wedding day. Communicate and include each other to make it a special day – for you both.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Wedding Table Linens: Idea 1

Planning Your Wedding:

When you are planning your wedding... the biggest event of your life, consider the many possibilities available to you for your wedding table linens, be sure to research well if you are considering using standard round white tablecloths, keep in mind that you can also use tablecloths with vibrant and exciting colors and make a dramatic statement, colored tablecloths are usually the same price as standard white table linens.

The size of your tablecloths and napkins will of course depend on the size of your table. Dressing your tables with beautiful table linens is the most dramatic way to change the ambience of your event space and make a personal statement with elegance, style, and color.

Never buy table linens with SERGED HEMS:... unless you want to carry an iron down the aisle... serged hems will curl up and look awful, and they will fray when laundered, and I personally think they look cheap, ALWAYS buy table linens with "folded and stitched" hems.

Will the event planner, caterer, hotel or venue, provide the tablecloths?:

Sometimes wedding planners, caterers, or reception venues will provide standard "House Linens" as part of a package deal. Some will refund part of your cost if you choose not to use their house linens, you may want to use theirs if they have "exactly" what you want in the color and size. The hospitality industry calls these table linens "house linens" or "full tablecloth" when used alone, and "under cloth" or "table liner" when a table runner or table topper is used for accent.

Will the tablecloths reach the floor?:

The critical question regarding tablecloths is what will the "drop" be, meaning the amount of tablecloth that hangs over the edge of the table. Most people at weddings and events like to see the tablecloths touch the floor, but some prefer a half-way "drop". as tablecloths can be too long and bunch under the table but it is far better for them to be too long than to be too short. Check out a table linen sizes guide and keep in mind if your event budget is an issue in these difficult economic times shopping from online stores will give you the biggest table linens bang for your buck.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wedding Table Linens: Idea 2

What are the most popular wedding table linen colors?:

The most popular wedding colors are white, black, ivory, burgundy, and chocolate, consult with your wedding planner or reception reception venue and choose table linen colors that work well in the room where you will be hosting the event. Make it a fun project and consider creative ideas such as matching your bridesmaid's outfits with elements of the room decor, and don't forget to double check your room size calculations with a Tablecloth Sizes Calculator and tablecloth sizes with a Tablecloth Sizes Chart.

When buying wedding table linens online are the table linen colors on most websites the exact colors I would receive if I buy them?:

Viewing exact linen colors on a computer screen is somewhat subjective as the exact color you see depends on your own computer monitor settings and your computer screen resolution, but for the most part the online color will be exactly or almost exactly what you will receive, usually if there is a difference it will be very slight and hardly noticeable. The best idea is to ask for fabric swatches in the colors you are interested in, or better still why not buy 1 tablecloth, runner or napkin so that you can exactly compare under the venue room lighting and make sure it's exactly the color you want, don't take chances, do your due diligence and you will have a successful event.

Event Venue Lighting:

It is wise to consider any room lighting change that may occur during your event, many events begin when it's daylight and as the evening progresses electric lighting is switched on and this can color the room decor and in some cases can noticeably change the overall ambience and style of the room, the degree of change depends on the type of lighting so be sure to consult with your wedding planner or the reception venue staff, and if possible go to the reception venue and check it out for yourself.

Table runners or full length tablecloths?:

If your wedding planner or reception venue will be providing tablecloths it is cheaper to just buy a suitable table runner. However, if no tablecloths are provided then you will need to buy both a tablecloth and the table runner or buy a full floor length tablecloth for each table. It is not just a matter of budget but also of having the "right look". Some people prefer the layered two tablecloth style while others prefer the smooth style of one tablecloth. Both ways are correct it's purely a matter of taste and style.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Become a Successful Wedding Photographer: Idea2

1. Open your heart and your mind and great photos will happen. Concentrate on the human aspect of weddings, the details, and emotions and be ready to capture them. Let the camera become an extension of you.

2. Share your technical knowledge and make connections with other wedding photographers.

3. Participate in wedding photography image competitions. It will give you the opportunity to have your work evaluated by peers and the motivation to improve your work quality.

4. Learn something new everyday. Take advantage of professional photography organizations such as Professional Photographers of America (PPA), WPPI, etc. Attend their seminars, workshops. Participate in Internet wedding photography forums and learn and share tips, tools and techniques.

5. Don't neglect the business aspect of wedding photography. Learn to manage your business effectively. Take business courses and seminars.

Juan Carlos Torres is a very respected and awarded wedding photographer in Oregon. He has a Masters Degree in Remote Sensing with a strong background in digital image processing and photography. He is a member of the several professional photographer organizations including the Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers of Oregon, the Wedding Photojournalist Association,and the Oregon Wedding Photo Guild. His wedding photographs are unique and very artistic and have been featured in national and international magazines.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Become a Successful Wedding Photographer: Idea 1

Once in while I receive e-mails or phone calls from aspiring or beginner wedding photographers asking me for advise on how to become successful in the wedding field. My first question is always what their motivation is to become a wedding photographer. Some will reply that they heard from somebody that it is easy money, or that they got a cool camera that takes great photos or that they would like to make some money on the side etc.

While it is true that wedding photography can be a very profitable business achieving success in the wedding industry is not just a matter of getting a camera and start shooting. Wedding photography involves artistic talent, human sense, complete mastery of photographic techniques, business knowledge, and a strong desire to learn and deliver the best to the wedding couple.

Here I have summarized some points that I believe will guide beginner wedding photographers:

1. Learn photography before anything else. A wedding photographer is expected to be a master of the craft. You will be in charge of capturing people's most precious life moments. The wedding day is not the place to learn photography.

2. Just because you got a brand new camera it does not automatically make you an effective and reliable photographer. Photography goes beyond cool toys and gadgets. Learn composition and develop a unique artistic vision. Some of the great photographs of all time were taken with manual cameras.

3. Master the digital workflow, including color management, digital image processing, file management and image correction and enhancement.

4. Learn to love photography more than anything else. Don't come to the wedding photography field with just dreams of making money. It is true that there are many successful wedding photographers that make a lot of money. However according to the Professional Photographers of America the average photographer in America makes about $24,000 a year.

5. Focus on delivering quality more than quantity. Seek with all your heart to capture unique photographs.

6. Develop a style that is recognizable and unique. Don't try to be like somebody else. Clients look for unique photographers, with a unique vision.

7. Give wedding photography all your heart and effort. Long when you are gone your photographs will last forever. It is a great way to be remembered.