Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to plan your wedding ‒ together

Weddings are often seen as a female preserve. The bride usually makes all the plans herself, with help from her female relatives and friends. Sometimes all the groom has to do is turn up on the day, suited and booted. While some grooms might be happy with this arrangement, others aren't and would love the chance to get involved. After all, it's a celebration for both of you, so it makes sense for it to reflect both of your dreams and personalities. Here are five ways to enjoy joint wedding planning and wedding bridal makeup.

Ask him what he wants

You may well have been busy picking out your dress and dreaming of Prince Charming since the age of five. He probably hasn't given it a second thought since you were first contacting each other on dating sites, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have ideas. Ask him what kind of wedding he might want. Is there anything in particular that would make it really special for him? There are as many kinds of weddings as there are people, so you can find a way to incorporate just about anything.


Not all men are comfortable being the only man working with a group of women. Why not keep him involved by giving him a particular area to organise? This works particularly well if he has a particular interest in one area, such as music or food.

Go for a balanced wedding party

It's not uncommon to see a wedding where the top table is dominated by bridesmaids and flower girls, with the groom just having a best man. That may just be the way things work out for you, but it's good to try to keep things as balanced as possible if you can.

Remember the fun stuff

Wedding planning is stressful – there's no getting around it. That can put a strain on your relationship and make it hard to include your man in the planning. Try to remember why you're doing this: so you can spend the rest of your (hopefully very happy) lives together. If one aspect of planning is getting too much, then concentrate on something fun for a while, such as the honeymoon.

Learn to compromise

It should really go without saying, but you need to be prepared for a bit of give and take. If your idea of the perfect wedding is a church followed by a stately home reception, and his is a beach and a barbecue, then that might be difficult. But keep an open mind and you should be able to at least try.

Planning a wedding should be done together. You may have met dating in Sheffield after being matched for compatibility or you may have met in a Spanish class and discovered a shared passion for all things Iberian. However perfectly matched you are, you may still have different ideas about your wedding day. Communicate and include each other to make it a special day – for you both.

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